Hints and tips to advertise your Kangaroo Jumper

  1. Photos and videos of your Kangaroo Jumper are important in communicating to the general public that your Kangaroo Jumper is fun and exciting. Be sure that you have plenty of kids jumping while you take your imagery.
  2. When installing your Kangaroo Jumper location is everything, having the pillow located as close to drive past traffic is a great way to show your pillow is open for business and generates excitement for the kids.
  3. When advertising your Kangaroo Jumper on your website get video testimonials from past clients who have used your Kangaroo Jumper in your park and explain why they should make a booking right now.
  4. Attracting customers by creativity describing what your product is will help generate excitement and understand what activities you have in your park. Please note that the brand The Kangaroo Jumper is sold by Commercial Toys Australia. Other descriptive terms you may call our product can include a Giant Air Pillow, Air Cushion, Inflatable trampoline or Kangaroo Jumper.
  5. Be creative in how you communicate to your clients what product you have, how kids have fun, make friends and why this is an important feature of your establishment.
  6. The Kangaroo Jumper is targeted at the kids but it is important to note the benefits of this product to the parents such as how it helps expend energy or entertains the kids so the adults can relax….etc While the target market of this product is primarily children the benefits of this product to adults shouldn’t be understated.
  7. When you’re installing your Kangaroo Jumper take plenty of photos and post them on social media this helps generate excitement and shows potential clients there is a new attraction. Don’t underestimate pester power!Happy Jumping!!!!!