Technical Information

Product Development

We at the Kangaroo Jumper are constantly looking for and implementing product enhancements. Our product development responds to industry needs and seeks to provide you with a better product.

  • We have developed a rigid anchoring system which does not move once installed. This maintains a constant tension on your jumper canvas to limit soft spots and overtensioned areas which ultimately shorten the life of the canvas.
  • Specifically designed material for giant air pillow products, that tolerate the extreme UV conditions of laying flat in the sun.
  • Our NEW sandless surround has been developed to remove the sand abrasion caused by people jumping with sand on their feet which eventually wears out the canvas. It also removes the need to continually maintain sand levels in the fall zone of your Kangaroo Jumper. It makes sense – no sand = no abrasion = longer life = cleaner Kangaroo Jumper.

Material Used

The Kangaroo Jumper material has been specially formulated to resist the suns harsh UV rays which destroy lesser materials. Our material has been specifically designed for use in giant air pillows. This is why we are the only company who offer a 5 year warranty on your investment. Our material and unmatched warranty place us at the leading edge of the industry, we know that quality matters because we own an operate a Kangaroo Jumper.


Our air blowers are super reliable, amongst the best on the market. We use motors from a reputable Australian supplier and we do not use motor units from China.

All you need is a normal single phase power point to plug it into adjacent to the new jumper location (waterproof power point if it is outside). The 0.3 horsepower blower is very quiet and efficient, for example to run the blower all day will cost all of $0.50 per day

All our motors for new installations come with a weatherproof Plaspanel lockable housing box, ensuring safety for little fingers, and protection from the elements.

Kangaroo Jumper design and installation is certified by a reputable Australian qualified playground specialist. The Kangaroo Jumper meets multiple relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards including AS3533.4, AS4422, AS4685.1 and AS44861.