So Many Options!

The Kangaroo Jumper comes with a range of options, so we can tailor your giant jumper exactly to your needs.

Size Options


Do you have a unique space or area? are you putting it on a roof or in water?
we have all the answers with unlimited sizes from 5x5m – 50 x 10m? you name it we have a way to do it. With a solution for every problem give us a call and give us a challenge.
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Installation Options

DIY Installation:

Save money and DIY
We offer a range of DIY installation options designed to save you money but dot it with ease ask us now how this will help you…

Assisted Installation:

We come to you and we do it together!. Read more

Full Installation by us:

Sit back and let us do all the work. find out more

Sandless Surround

Kangaroo Jumper with Carpeted surround

Remove the sand today and and have our carpet foam surround just ask us how easy it is.

Indoor option

Indoor Kangaroo Jumper

Indoor Jumping fun

Think giant air pillows belong outside?
We install almost anywhere and even inside buildings on top of buildings…. almost anywhere

Colour Options

With more colors than a rainbow we offer a variety of different colour options and combinations
maybe show a colour options including


The Kangaroo Jumper comes with standard safety signage printed on the jumper as well as one fence sign. For an additional fee you may include additional signage either printed on the cushion or as external aluminum signs.
All new installations include a lockable motor cover

Other optional extras include:

  • Additional aluminum signage for rules and conditions of use = $100 per sign
  • Your company or business logo printed on your Kangaroo Jumper = POA