Safety Information


 We’re BIG on safety and continued development of safety features:

We’ve taken safety to a whole new level. The Kangaroo Jumper has additional safety features not found in any competitor product manufactured here or overseas, we have also adopted additional safety suggestions made by specialist hospitality insurance companies in the USA.

The Kangaroo Jumper is Lead and Latex free and Allergy Safe!

The Kangaroo Jumper is the only “fully certified” inflatable trampoline on the market in Australia and New Zealand.

Kangaroo Jumper design and installation is certified by a reputable Australian qualified playground specialist. The Kangaroo Jumper meets multiple relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards including AS3533.4, AS4422, AS4685.1 and AS44861.




Permanent Foam Edge

SAND-LESS soft edge, permanent carpeted foam
NB: Photo shows a brand new installation before grass surround is planted

Sandless carpet foam surround:

(All sales from 2013 have this feature as optional)

It is undesirable to leave the existing hard ground around the jumper exposed. The use of sand to cover this hard edge has worked well for years however it does require constant maintenance keeping the sand at the correct depth, it may also require topping up. We now have the ability to do away with this sand and cover the hard edge permanently, this means no maintenance, no ongoing costs of sand replacement and as a bonus the sand abrasion on the surface is virtually eliminated, prolonging the life of your Kangaroo Jumper. No other product on the Aussie market offers this sandless option.