Installation Options

With flexible DIY, Assisted, Full Installation options,and even Indoor installation, Our Kangaroo Jumpers can be installed anywhere, yes anywhere. With minimal disruption to your business, and flexibility, we can have your clients jumping for joy with in a few days.

Our standard jumper just needs relatively flat level ground. A slight grade is OK (300mm fall over 10m length in either direction) and if the ground is not smooth, it can be suitably prepared at installation. If you have been unable to install a giant air cushion in the past due to high water table or rocky ground, give us a call. We have a trenchless option which can be installed anywhere, we even have an indoor option which can be located in your shed, games room or camp kitchen and is made to order.

Our experienced installers have the backing of 100’s of installations in the US and numerous installations in Australia. We have been working in the civil construction industry for over 20 years and understand that every installation has its own unique qualities and requirements.

Rest assured, our installers are extremely experienced with full public liability insurance.

Kangaroo Jumper DIY Installation

Installation Options

DIY Install

We are the only company in the industry to provide, recommend and fully support DIY installation with the backing of the insurance industry. Unlike our competitors, we encourage you to consider installing your own Kangaroo Jumper. The installation is not difficult so if you’re a bit handy and want to save yourself some money we will provide phone and Skype support to you during your own DIY installation. We will provide you with a full installation guide with step by step instructions and heaps of photos to assist you through the relatively easy, but exacting process of installing your own Kangaroo Jumper or replacing your existing jumper. Don’t worry about voiding your warranty, we will verify your installation through photos that you take for us along the way and your warranty will be honoured. You will need to buy some standard items from your local hardware supplier such as PVC pipe, timber etc. We will give you a full list of what is needed. You will also need to arrange an excavator and a bobcat along with some sand.

Assisted Installation

We come to you and install the pillow how you like it, our installers have years of experience and are fully covered by public liability insurance.

Indoor Installations

Every Job is different so we want to talk about how we can help you with your indoor Kangaroo Jumper and discuss all your options so you can decide what is best option for you.